Quest Overview

YGGPH Metaversity


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Compete with the top players and win sweet rewards

Prize Pool Split

Marshal Attendance Ace Hashemites#3349
5000  $YGG Points
Metaversity Guide rgmaninit#2236
2500  $YGG Points
Star Achiever silentsher
4000  $YGG Points
Metaversity Mentors yadz.eth
10000  $YGG Points
Metaversity Marshal Mission DaGG3R#9854, gabbyplays, duln1.ygg, koymaxxxtv
750  $YGG Points
YGGPH Kaizen Ace
1000  $YGG Points
Metaversity Internship duln1.ygg
5000  $YGG Points