Together we make gaming history


Our Mission

Help humanity thrive by transforming play

Our mission is to help everyone level up, no matter where they come from.

Playing together is in our DNA. We've seen what can be achieved when our community bands together to play, and we want to share this with everyone.

We believe that by providing an equal opportunity support system, players all around the world can achieve more - so we can all become power players in games and in life.

The story of Yield Guild Games began in 2018, when gaming veteran Gabby Dizon began to lend his NFTs to others so they can experience blockchain games. Gabby was joined by Beryl Li and Owl of Moistness to form YGG and together they've built it into one of the largest web3 gaming guilds with players all over the world.

A pioneer of blockchain gaming, YGG has propelled the growth of a community and revolutionized how we play games. As a guild, we're focused on laying the groundwork for the next generation of games and gamers utilizing the value of web3 technology.


real impact

P1.4M donated to Foundation
P12.5M in donations raised for Typhoon Odette victims
Beryl Li contributed to WEF to establish & share an in depth guide for DAOS.
Launched with Nas Academy to create a beginner friendly web3 & crypto curriculum, free for YGG badge holders.

Our values