Quest Overview

Master Axie Origins

with Spamandrice


Starts 6PM SGT on Sep 10, 2023

Limited Spots Available

Network Ronin


OS: Android, iOS, Web

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Axie champion spamandrice teaches everything needed to get tournament-ready in Origins. In this class he covers everything new in Origins compared to previous games and shares his best advanced tips to create a team to blaze through ranks in Arena mode. This is a great option for players returning to Axie Infinity.

Compete with the top players and win sweet rewards

YGG Achievement - SpamFam

YGG Achievement

Prize Pool Split

Welcome Back to Axie Hashemites#3349
500  $Moonshards
Winning Teams rgmaninit#2236
100  $SLP
Advanced Tactics silentsher
1000  $Moonshards