Quest Overview

Get Started in Axie Origins

with Kookoo

Starts 6PM SGT on Sep 10, 2023

Limited Spots Available

Network Ronin


OS: Android, iOS, Web

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Step by step, expert Kookoo will guide you through setting the Axie Infinity account creation process and get you started with some basic gameplay in Adventure and Arena modes. This Superquest is perfect for Axie newcomers.

If you have played Axie Infinity before check out Spamandrice’s Superquest.

Compete with the top players and win sweet rewards

YGG Achievement - KooKrew

YGG Achievement

Prize Pool Split

Account Creation Hashemites#3349
300  $Moonshards
Basic Gameplay rgmaninit#2236
500  $Moonshards
Team Basics silentsher
500  $Moonshards