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IndiGG is India’s most prominent Web3 gaming DAO. Backed by the global Web 3 gaming community, its vision is to create a transparent and sustainable reward sharing mechanism between gamers and game developers. By providing gaming, learning and earning opportunities, it seeks to drive social change in India – through the creation of a new generation of highly empowered Web3 gaming leaders. IndiGG deploys on-ground brand evangelists in colleges across India to create awareness and achieve scale.With newer Web3 games and user experiences being updated regularly and the imminent launch of the IndiGG app, it is on track to become India's largest Web3 gaming platform.

Games We Play

Game backgroundAxie InfinityAxie Infinity preview
Game backgroundLeague of KingdomsLeague of Kingdoms preview
Game backgroundIlluviumIlluvium preview
Game backgroundMy Pet HooliganMy Pet Hooligan preview